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Related article: South Essex, and Wappenbury (Coventry), while in October and November the meetings Where Can You Buy Ascorbic Acid are fairly numerous and widespread. In the latter month we are glad to see the time-honoured Swaffham once more making a bid for popular favour, and holding its head again tolerably high among coursing fixtures. The two open stakes Where To Buy Ascorbic Acid Powder at Swaffham at the November meet- ing are to be enhanced by silver cups presented by the townspeople and the club, whilst Mr. A. C. Maclaren has offered another piece of plate as an addition to the club puppy stakes. '* As regards hares, the harvest being over, it is satisfactory to know that the supply promises well for the two meetings " — the second one taking place in January. *' The famous Westacre Field will again be available, and Mr. Hearlins, the tenant of the Marham Field, has laid down some covert in the centre, which will reduce the severity of the trials. The second meeting is by permission of Mr. Fountaine, the club president, and Mr. J. H. Wood, Purchase Ascorbic Acid the shooting lessee.'* This is also an open meeting, with Mr. Crozier as judge, and it augurs well for the success of the Swaffham meetings when its promoters Buy Ascorbic Acid and inhabi- tants pull so well together in the endeavour to uphold its ancient renown. During the season Generic Ascorbic Acid the Sussex County Club, a recently- formed club, also have had promised four pieces of plate, while the Stock Exchange Club has closed its produce stakes for November 20th and 2ist with fifty-two entries, and from all quarters we hear good reports of a plentiful supply of hares and the prospect of a successful season. Another notice- able feature among the fixtures is the predominance of the name of Mr. R. A. Brice, as coursing judge. Indeed, the only drawback to the probable success of the season is the unmistakable and perfectly warrantable discontent of the Irish coursing fraternity, owing to the inexplicable action of the Board of Agriculture in continu- ing the restriction imposed upon them in the matter of suspected rabies among greyhounds. It was fervently hoped that this unheard-of restriction would have been rescinded by at least the opening of the Massarcone Park Meeting, and that the yellow fiag of quarantine would have dis- appeared from coursing an&als; but nothing of the sort has hap- pened, and we are too likely to witness the unparalleled pheno- menon of a sixty-four dog stake at Waterloo in February being contested without a single Irish representative being a candidate. In response to numerous ap- peals Where Can I Buy Ascorbic Acid last season, the Board of Agriculture made a slight conces- 300 Ascorbic Acid Buy BAILY S MAGAZINE. [October sion to Irish coursers to the extent of allowing greyhounds to cross from Ireland to England and Scotland when engaged at coursing meetings, provided that each and every animal should return under report not longer than a period of seven days from the time of its leaving Ireland. This trifling concession was ac- cepted on the principle Ascorbic Acid Where To Buy of the half of a loaf being better than no bread, and in the hope of larger concessions being made when the causes for restriction no longer existed : and until a few weeks ago the Irish situation from a rabies point of view was con- sidered so favourable as to lead Cheap Ascorbic Acid people to suppose that the worst was past, if not about to disappear altogether on the opening of Where To Buy Ascorbic Acid the present season, when greyhounds from this side would be as free to go to Belfast and return as they were any time up to two years since. Now, however, the Board of Agriculture has refused the licenses granted last season from Ireland to England and Scotland. And, as a matter of course, Ire- land will Where Can I Buy Ascorbic Acid Powder also be closed to the British greyhound owner, and all these things in spite of matters in Ireland being in a far better con- dition than last year. Thus the Board of Agriculture has contrived to turn coursing matters into a most admired state of confusion, and to render the international character of the Waterloo Cup a mere misnomer. Verily, while the regulations of the Board of Agriculture are ** thusly " trans- acted, and rules and laws are apparently made in opposition to common sense, and against the dictates of reason, coursing men must " grin and bear it," resting content under the anomalous un- reasonableness of the Board of Agriculture. What the result will be on the Waterloo Cup — already suffi- ciently hampered — if this state of affairs is suffered to continue for any length of time — and it is im- possible to say how long it may continue, Where Can I Buy L Ascorbic Acid since unreason appears to guide the helm — it is not difficult to foresee. For the present, however, while everything is promising as regards supply of hares, weather pros- pects, and anticipation of success, the restrictions of the Board of Agriculture alone appear to be the stumbling-block to the pros- Buy Ascorbic Acid Powder perity of the season and to the crowning triumph of the Waterloo Cup. Oolf. — Though the townspeople of St. Andrews complain of this having been a very poor season, the annual handicap tournament of the Royal and Ancient Club for the Queen Victoria Jubilee Vase brought out not only a large field, but Ascorbic Acid Online nearly all the strongest players in the Club. As a rule, the first -class players are disposed to reserve themselves for the medal days, and to leave the two handicap competitions of the year to the other members of the Club ; but on this occasion Mr. Leslie Balfour - Melville, the brothers Black well, Mr. John L. Low, Mr. A. G. Tait, Mr. J. O. Fairlie, Mr. R. Maxwell, Mr. E. Scratton, Mr. W. E. Fairlie, Mr. W. R. Sharp, Mr. H. C. Ellis, Mr. H. G. B. Ellis, Mr. H. S. Colt, Mr. W. Where To Buy L Ascorbic Acid Powder D. BovUl, Mr. R. H. Johnston, and Mr. W. Herbert Fowler were all among the com- petitors. The consequence was that the standard of play rose far above the average, and visitors to St. Andrews had the privilege of seeing a great deal of first-class golf. Buy Ascorbic Acid Online In the case of the Calcutta Cup the handicaps take the form of holes, but in that of the Jubilee Vase the more common form of strokes is employed, and thus a 1900.) SPORTING INTELLIGENCE.